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Im having a problem of the engine staling out when i Ride it.. I turn it on and it sounds fine now when I take it out and rev it up it starts choking and starts dieing on meIt doesnt do this all the time. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators My quad was back firing and stalling.The rubber boot that connects the carb to the cylinder had a slit in it. I tried to fix it with rubber cement but didn' I've over adjusted to near zero free play and it still doesn't release enough to idle without stalling or creeping forward with a little throttle to keep from stalling. I replaced the cable as I thought it might be stretched, new stock cable, didn't resolve the problem.

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it starts n runs fine. sumtimes.. but it goes into fits of popping n backfiring n stalling. wont take throttle..

Dump it, clean it and re-mount it, ( not all bikes have a water trap bowl ).

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2017-08-24 660 04 raptor hit puddle stalled me out wouldnt start after hit puddle started back fireing then stalled out no cooled all the way own could get it to start again but then as soon as it got hot it would stall out again.just wouldnt keep running Engine stalling and rough run issue at low speeds. 660 Raptor 2002- It starts and idles fine but when under load it will back fire.

Raptor 660 keeps stalling

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Verified. hi it sounds like your needle and seat is sticking open.possible dirt or gunk in carb need to remove and give a good cleaning of carb.and remove your petcock and check if the screen is broken (on the bottom of tank) and allowing dirt paritcals into carb. 2005 660 raptor will idle fine but won't accelerate.Starts right up.It had set for 2 yrs,I cleaned the carbs,checked the intake valves,ok,and replaced the spark plug. Also checked sealing of air intak … read more I have a 2008 700 eps, keeps stalling at low rpm or just when i touch the trotle. I have a k&n air filter and pipe tip. Also some one told me to buy a odyssey battery (pc545) still didn't fix the problem.
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Raptor 660 keeps stalling

Also checked sealing of air intak … read more I have a 2008 700 eps, keeps stalling at low rpm or just when i touch the trotle.

25 Jan 2010 I bought a 2005 raptor 660r. It starts great The instant i let off the throttle and try to give it more throttle it cuts out to the point of almost stalling.
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Maybe this is the same for the raptor  18 Apr 2017 Today was the first day i took it into the woods and for some reason for about 10 min or so it kept stalling and when i go to start it it started very  2001 Yamaha 660 Raptor Engine Rebuild Exhcange. Rebuilt Engine Exchange. Stock #Y0003.

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I removed, cleaned, and reinstalled the carbs and it still does the same thing I have a 2002 raptor 660 that gas had this problem for a while now. I bought this quad already like this. Rebuilt the carb (moose carb rebuild), changed spar Galling on the upper rod and rod failures are not uncommon on the 660, especially with age and poor maintenance as well as sheer bad luck.