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Wobble Plate Piston Type Compressor. Swash Plate Piston Type Compressor. Scroll Type Compressor. Sanden International (Europe) GmbH Am Taubenbaum 35-37 Bad Nauheim, Germany, 61231 Capillary Tube as an Expansion Device in a CO2 (R744) Transcritical Heat Pump System: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8398-3.ch009: Natural refrigerants which are ecologically safe and were in use extensively in the pre-CFC era are witnessing a revival of CO2 (R744).

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• High surface area 16  GWP / CO2 EKVIVALENTER. Köldmedium****. GWP. R744. 1 kg.

Ge oss feedback på produktbilder och produktdata. Japan has put forth a lot of focus on R-744 heat pumps. CO2 heat pumps can produce a much higher temperature output then a traditional HFC heat pump system.


carbon dioxide (CO2), is an environmentally friendly refrigerant.Its ODP is zero and its GWP is as low as 1, which means that it has even less global warming potential than hydrocarbons.. R744 refrigerant – CO2 – use and applications. Carbon dioxide has many applications: in gas form, for example, it is used in the food industry for CO2 (R744) trans-critical for industrial refrigeration. semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor.

Co2 r744

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** 87.8°F is the Critical point of CO2, Pressure 1056.2 psig. Distinct liquid and vapor states do not exist. **** 31.1°C is the Critical point of CO2, Pressure 72.82 bar.
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Co2 r744

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TectoRack M passar perfekt för små till medelstora snabbköpsbutiker. Specifikationer. 45 - 160 kW MT / 0 - 27 kW  PRODUKTINFORMATION. Alla produkter med köldmedium R744 (CO2).
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Koldioxid R744 av köldmediakvalitet, Co2 4.0 och max H2O 10 ppm. Används i bl.a. butikskyla och isbanor. Förekommer även  M2-3-DELUXE-DS-R744-TCRefco CO2 2-vägs manometerställ för transkritiska system med 3 medföljande 1/4" 180cm serviceslangar R744 Manometerställ  Digitalt 2-vägs manometerställ för CO2 - FOX-R744 – arbetstryck 160 bar.

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It also has excellent thermodynamic properties and low energy usage making it suitable for a range of applications such as industrial heat extraction, chilled warehousing, shipping vessels, commercial KONFORT 744 The KONFORT 744 implements a range of innovative solutions and differs from the other models in the KONFORT Series for the fact that it is designed and made specifically for use with the latest A/C systems that use R744 (CO2) as refrigerant.