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532325 · ValueInvest LUX Global · Global, 0.84, 2010-01-20. 603985 · ValueInvest LUX  av F Wallin · 2015 — Aberdeen Global - Select Global Investment Grade Credit Bond Fund Credit Suisse (Lux) Small and Mid Cap Europe Equity Fund ValueInvest LUX Global. AXA Rosenberg Europe Ex-UK Small Cap Alpha Fund B (Ack). NULL Banque de Luxembourg Global Equities B. NULL ValueInvest LUX Global A C EUR. Allianz Global Small Cap Equity AT USD. AMF Aktiefond Mix NN (L) Global Sustainable Eq P Cap EUR ValueInvest LUX Global A Cap. Assurance, Argonaut Cap. Dnca Finance, DNCA Finance Luxembourg, Dominion Global Trends SICAV, Dorval Asset Management UnipolSai SpA, Universal Investment GmbH, UOB Global Strategy Plc, ValueInvest Asset Management  Sök PPM Global vinnare förlorare bästa sämsta. 317040 · Axa Rosenberg Global Small Cap Alpha Fund B G · Global, 20, -9, 28, 9, 0.68, 2021-03-15 271189 · Credit Suisse Equity Fund (Lux) Global Biotech Aberdeen 532325 · ValueInvest LUX Global G · Global, 0, 4, 5, 13, 0.74, 2018-12-21. 08/04/2021.

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52. 1,223 Fondita European Small Cap. av en global poolinglösning, berättar Peter Ekman, chef Marknadsstöd på ValueInvest LUX Sicav Global PF(LUX) Eurppean Sust Eq-R Cap. Templeton  UBS(Lux)EF-Mid Caps USA, 2 124,13, +1,36, +4,91, +0,17, +28,61, +16,23, +77,43, 0,00, 2021-03-27. European Equity Alpha Fund A, 49,25, -0,02, +0,82, +3,16  Vinnare. Large Cap; Mid Cap; Small Cap; Övriga. ABB, +3,54%. Electrolux A Oförändrade: 33; Upp: 243. Förlorare.

96, 182287 443, 532325, ValueInvest LUX Global, Global, Global. 219 Credit Suisse Equity Fund (Lux) Global Resources 254 Danske Fund Global Emerging Markets Small Cap 1382 ValueInvest LUX Blue Chip Value. ValueInvest LUX Global A Cap: De senaste åren har den danska fonden Valueinvest Global presterat bra.

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Due to various risks and uncertainties, actual events or results, or the actual performance of a Fund may differ materially from those reflected or contemplated in such forward-looking statements and no undue reliance should be placed on these forward-looking statements, nor should the inclusion of these statements be regarded as ValueInvest LUX’s representation that a Fund will achieve any strategy, … LU0135991064 ValueInvest LUX Macquarie VI Lux Global A Share Cap : Last NAV: 15/03/2021: 359.68 EUR +0.67 % Documents Taxes Dividends Hist. Prices Price Order Ref. Data Security Information Overview. Previous prices. Login.

Valueinvest lux global a cap


USD. 09/04/2021. 7.65. 12, Market Cap, From April 2014 is market capitalization calculated as NAV x 469, ValueInvest Global Akk A, VAIGAK, VAIGAKA, DK0060032498, CPH Inv 27, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA, 41,462,640, 0.24%, 228, 0.18%  caps marknadsuppfattning i januari/februari 2012.

the SICAV's name from "LINDE PARTNERS VALUE FUND" into "VALUEINVEST LUX". 27 Jun 2019 Claus Juul (DOB 3/21/1970) is a portfolio manager for the firm's ValueInvest Global Equity team.
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Valueinvest lux global a cap

759,118,695  WSF Global Equity Fund - The investment objective of the Cell is to seek long term capital growth from an 414, Macquarie Valueinvest LUX Global A Cap, GBP  Clasificación de los usuarios según el comportamiento de su valoración y sentimientos sobre el fondo Macquarie Valueinvest Lux Global A Cap ( 0P00000T4G).

View & analyze the 0P00000T4G fund chart by total assets, risk rating, Min. investment, market cap and category. Investing.com users’ scoreboard for the Macquarie Valueinvest Lux Global A Cap fund. Investment Objective: Macquarie Valueinvest LUX Global A Cap: The objective of the Sub-Fund is to uncover Shares whose current market prices are at significant discounts to the Investment Managers Fund price for Macquarie Valueinvest LUX Global A Cap (CHF) along with Morningstar ratings & research, long term fund performance and charts Find all relevant comments and discussions regarding the Macquarie Valueinvest Lux Global A Cap fund.
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av C Kumlin — utgår från ”global minimum-variance portfolio” och sammanfattar de tillgångar på marknaden AXA Rosenberg Japan Small Cap Alpha Fund. 1,00 Credit Suisse Equity Fund (Lux) European Property23,00.

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Securities Services Lux. T. Subfund LUX-EQUITY GLOBAL NAV (cap.) as at 13/04/2021 (in EUR). 234.81 The equity investment fund LUX-EQUITY invests its assets in top-quality  global mutual fund business under the brand name DWS from now on. the SICAV's name from "LINDE PARTNERS VALUE FUND" into "VALUEINVEST LUX".